Kafka Connector and Mqtrigger with kind fission is back

  • We had previously removed traditional Kafka Connector and mqtrigger with kind fission. #2875
  • Now, this change is reverted and Kafka connector with kind fission is back. #2946

Fission CLI changes

  • Changed Fission CLI environment create command’s default environment version to 3, i.e., also our latest environment version. #2945


Mutating and Validating webhook name conflict with rancher platform

  • Mutating webhook configuration name is changed from generic name mutating-webhook-configuration to fission specific name fission-mutating-webhooks. #2948
  • Validating webhook configuration name is changed from generic name validating-webhook-configuration to fission specific name fission-validating-webhooks. #2947

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Fixed some code comments. #2927
  • Fixed fission spec apply --delete command failed to delete environments. #2943
  • Fixed CLI fission pkg getsrc returns deploy archive instead of source archive. #2941
  • Close tmp file. #2931
  • Fixed fission check command doesn’t work for namespace other than fission. #2932
  • Fixed the bug that causes failure to delete environment while running fission spec apply --delete command. #2943


Updated Kind version to v0.23.0

  • Updated kind version to v0.23.0. #2937

Updated Go version and dependencies