Upgrade Guide

Upgrade guidance 1.11 onwards

Note: Fission upgrades cause a downtime as of now. Please upvote the issue so we can priortize fixing it

Upgrade to latest Fission version:

  1. Update the CRDs by running :
kubectl replace -k "github.com/fission/fission/crds/v1?ref=1.14.1"
  1. Please make sure you have the latest CLI installed :
$ curl -Lo fission https://github.com/fission/fission/releases/download/1.14.1/fission-1.14.1-darwin-amd64 \
    && chmod +x fission && sudo mv fission /usr/local/bin/
$ curl -Lo fission https://github.com/fission/fission/releases/download/1.14.1/fission-1.14.1-linux-amd64 \
    && chmod +x fission && sudo mv fission /usr/local/bin/
For Windows, you can use the linux binary on WSL. Or you can download this windows executable: fission.exe
  1. Update the helm repo and upgrade by mentioning the namespace Fission is installed in :
export FISSION_NAMESPACE="fission"
helm upgrade --namespace $FISSION_NAMESPACE fission fission-charts/fission-all