Upgrade Guide

Upgrade guidance 1.13 onwards
Note: Fission upgrades cause a downtime as of now, however we try to minimize it. Please upvote the issue#1856 so we can priortize fixing it.

Upgrade to the latest Fission version

Upgrade/Replace the CRDs

kubectl replace -k "github.com/fission/fission/crds/v1?ref=v1.20.1"

Install the latest Fission CLI

Please make sure you have the latest CLI installed. Refer to Fission CLI Installation

Upgrade Fission chart

Update the helm repo and upgrade by mentioning the namespace Fission is installed in :

export FISSION_NAMESPACE="fission"
helm repo update
helm upgrade --namespace $FISSION_NAMESPACE fission fission-charts/fission-all

See configuration below.

Upgrade to 1.15.x release from 1.14.x release

With 1.15.x release, following changes are made:

  • fission-core chart is removed

  • fission-all chart is made similar fission-core chart

  • In the fission-all chart, the following components are disabled which were enabled by default earlier. If you want to enable them, please use --set flag.

    • nats - Set nats.enabled=true to enable Fission Nats integration
    • influxdb - Set influxdb.enabled=true to enable Fission InfluxDB and logger component
    • prometheus - Set prometheus.enabled=true to install Prometheus with Fission
    • canaryDeployment - Set canaryDeployment.enabled=true to enable Canary Deployment

See configuration below.

Migrating from fission-core chart to fission-all chart

Fission-all chart is now exactly similar to fission-core chart and can be used to migrate from fission-core.

If you are upgrading from the fission-core chart, you can use the following command to migrate with required changes.

helm upgrade [RELEASE_NAME] fission-charts/fission-all --namespace fission


See Customizing the Chart Before Installing. To see all configurable options with detailed comments:

helm show values fission-charts/fission-all

You may also helm show values on chart’s dependencies for additional options.

Last modified November 23, 2021: Changes for release 1.15 (#105) (ab55537)