Uninstalling Fission

Uninstallation guide for Fission

If you want to completely uninstall Fission from your cluster, the following command will help you do that. This might be required in situations where in you want to uninstall the current version and install Fission as a fresh instance.

helm uninstall <release name>

Get the release name by running helm list and replace with the actual <release name>

The above command will only delete the installed services. Custom resources that were created by Fission will need to be manually deleted.

Get a list of fission CRDs

kubectl get crd | grep "fission.io"
NAME                                       CREATED AT
canaryconfigs.fission.io                   2022-01-17T05:47:28Z
environments.fission.io                    2022-01-17T05:47:29Z
functions.fission.io                       2022-01-17T05:47:29Z
httptriggers.fission.io                    2022-01-17T05:47:29Z
kuberneteswatchtriggers.fission.io         2022-01-17T05:47:29Z
messagequeuetriggers.fission.io            2022-01-17T05:47:29Z
packages.fission.io                        2022-01-17T05:47:30Z
timetriggers.fission.io                    2022-01-17T05:47:30Z

Delete individual CRD, replace <crd-name> with the actual CRD name

kubectl get <crd-name> -o name | xargs -n1 kubectl delete
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