OpenShift specific setup

Installing Fission

See Fission installation to learn more how to install Fission.

Run Logger as privileged container

The reason to run Logger pods as privileged container is because Fission mounts hostPath volume to FluentBit to read container log files and data persistence.

The persistence is for FluentBit tail plugin to read/write it’s own sqlite database. Fission itself doesn’t persist anything.

Optionally a database file can be used so the plugin can have a history of tracked files and a state of offsets, this is very useful to resume a state if the service is restarted.

Once the logger restarted, it ensures no duplicate logs will be sent to log database.

You may need to add privileged permission to service account fission-svc.

oc adm policy add-scc-to-user privileged -z fission-svc


For example, if we have as Prometheus server URL, encode following config with base64

$ base64 <<EOF
  enabled: true
  prometheusSvc: ""

Patch configmap feature-config in fission namespace with output from previous step

$ kubectl -n fission patch configmap feature-config \
    -p '{"data":{"config.yaml":"Y2FuYXJ5OgogIGVuYWJsZWQ6IHRydWUKICBwcm9tZXRoZXVzU3ZjOiAiaHR0cHM6Ly9wcm9tZXRoZXVzLWs4cy1vcGVuc2hpZnQtbW9uaXRvcmluZy5hcHBzLl91cmxfLm9wZW5zaGlmdC5jb20iCg"}}'

Delete controller pod to enforce it to reload the config.

$ kubectl -n fission delete pod -l svc=controller
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