Fission CLI Reference

Fission Command Line Reference

Here you’ll find the list of CLI commands for Fission, with help info on their usage.


fission archive

fission archive delete

fission archive download

fission archive get-url

fission archive list

fission archive upload

fission canary

fission canary create

fission canary delete

fission canary get

fission canary list

fission canary update

fission check

fission environment

fission environment create

fission environment delete

fission environment get

fission environment list

fission environment pods

fission environment update

fission function

fission function create

fission function delete

fission function get

fission function getmeta

fission function list

fission function log

fission function pods

fission function run-container

fission function test

fission function update

fission function update-container

fission httptrigger

fission httptrigger create

fission httptrigger delete

fission httptrigger get

fission httptrigger list

fission httptrigger update

fission mqtrigger

fission mqtrigger create

fission mqtrigger delete

fission mqtrigger list

fission mqtrigger update

fission package

fission package create

fission package delete

fission package getdeploy

fission package getsrc

fission package info

fission package list

fission package rebuild

fission package update

fission spec

fission spec apply

fission spec destroy

fission spec init

fission spec list

fission spec validate

fission support

fission support dump

fission timetrigger

fission timetrigger create

fission timetrigger delete

fission timetrigger list

fission timetrigger showschedule

fission timetrigger update

fission token

fission token create

fission version

fission watch

fission watch create

fission watch delete

fission watch list