Improvements in pool manager based functions

With this release, we are improving the pool manager based functions, specially reduced downtime during the environment update. Earlier even after updating pool size for the environment, we were recreating pool of warm pods. With this release, we update the pool pods as needed and as gracefully as possible by updating existing kubernetes resources, rather that recreating them. Also, if there are any specialized function pods, i.e., pod containing function code, we will try to recreate them gracefully once the pool is updated.

Changes for issue #1169:

  • Improved code organztion and logging for pool manager PR #2166
  • Minimizing downtime during env update PR #2161 PR #2184

OpenTelemetry integration

This release introduces the ability to instrument your functions with OpenTelemetry. Also, Fission components are now instrumented with OpenTelemetry. You can visualize Fission components with OpenTelemetry Collector configured. With OpenTelemetry support, we would be soon removing OpenTracing instrumentation. OpenTelemetry is compatible with OpenTracing. Please refer documentation here for more details.

Changes for issue #1861 :

  • Initial integration PR #2157
  • Context passing enhancements PR #2172 PR #2175
  • Capturing events within spans for important actions PR #2180
  • Support for OpenTelemetry standard environment variables PR #2194
  • Support for different propagators and samplers PR #2201

Redis Lists Keda Connector

We have added a new Keda connector for Redis Lists. Please refer here for more details.

Regression fixes


  • Changed default sync period for Fission informer to 30min from 30s. This reduces lot of unnecessary updates across Fission code PR #2167
  • Added filter for env update in newdeploy to consider newdeploy functions PR #2165
  • Changed default function call timeout from 30s to 60s in fission fn test PR #2169
  • Using typed informers in configmap and secret watcher PR #2174
  • Fixed pod name in port forwarding logs PR #2178
  • Added kubernetes objects aware logger PR #2179
  • Warn if package resource version mismatch in function specialization PR #2183

Internal Fixes

  • Updated Fission base image from Alpine 3.13 to Alpine 3.14. PR #2160
  • Updated Fission to use Go 1.16 and Kubernetes dependencies to 1.21 PR #2168
  • Stow client updated v0.2.7 PR #2195
  • Using goreleaser for faster buids and releases PR #2189


  • From 1.15 release, Fission would be have having one tag only of format v1.15.x etc. instead of two tags earlier. Please ensure you are using v1.15.0 in helm install and not 1.15.0.
  • From 1.15 release, Fission would be having version prefix to chart tag. Eg. Instead of using 1.15.0-rc1 as version, we will use v1.15.0-rc1. So for helm install, please pass version as v1.15.0-rc1.
helm install --version v1.15.0-rc1 --namespace fission fission

Also also docker images would be tagged with v1.15.0-rc1.

  • We have changed installation steps since 1.13.0, please refer latest installation steps. You need to install/replace Custom Resource Definitions(CRDs) before installing Helm chart.
  • Environments releases are decoupled from Fission release. Please check Environments portal for latest environments.


  • With addition of OpenTelemetry, we would be soon removing OpenTracing instrumentation.
  • HTTPTrigger/Route creation from Fission CLI is deprecate. Use fission route create instead. PR #2171
  • We have deprecated Spec.Method in HTTPTrigger since 1.13.0, please use Spec.Methods instead.