Fission architecture in detail

Fission consists of multiple components that build up the architecture. From a user’s and contributor’s perspective these components can be broadly grouped into core and optional components.

The core components are the ones you should definitely know about while using fission. The optional components, on the other hand, are good to know and can be learned as you go.

Core Components

The core components include:


Accept REST API requests and create Fission resources


Component to spin up function pods


Bridge between triggers and functions

Function Pod

Place to load and execute the user function

Builder Manager

Compile the source code into a runnable function

Builder Pod

Place to load and execute the user function


Home for source and deployment archives

Optional Components

The optional components include:


Record and persist function logs


Hawkeye to watch resource changes in Kubernetes cluster

Message Queue Trigger

Subscribe topics and invoke functions


Invoke functions periodically