Poolmanager Enhancements

  • Fission now support for handling concurrent request in case of pool manager function according to request per pod as defined by user.
  • Fission now can dump function service cache only for pool manager function via HTTP end point in executor. This will help to debug pool manager functions by generating a text file inside temporary directory of executor pod. This text file will contain the information about the number of requests being served by a function pod, number of requests is waiting to be served by a pod, etc.

Support for github container registry

We have added a support for github container registry in fission. Now fission images can be pull either from docker container registry or github container registry. Default will github container registry.

Timer Enhancements

Whenever time trigger triggers multiple requests at the same time then it becomes difficult to find the problem without trace. Now fission has a support to trace all the requests with the help of open telemetry in case time trigger triggers multiple requests at the same time.



  • 31c81e1 fix: lose cold start error counter for the poolmgr functions #2755
  • 77d4745 fix: invalid error unwrap for the httperror #2753
  • 715ef82 Improve poolmanager concurrency handling with virtual capacity #2737
  • 1f138d0 handle addr when port is passed in host:port format in the StartServer func #2747
  • a8e8cfb fix: websocket event listener #2745
  • 963081e fix: ending retry loop when the request canceled for the choosePod #2731
  • a93e9b4 poolmgr: stop pod specialization when pod namespace and cm/secret namespace is mismatched #2703
  • 0de8923 Add funcSvcGroup type in pool cache for grouping of function services #2728
  • e462f9a Allow permission to router for ingress resource #2710
  • d3a6152 Router pod fails to run if authentication is enabled during helm upgrade #2700
  • 2b017f8 Fission version failed if authentication.enabled is set to true #2697
  • 5c3c55d Allow users to set envGracePeriod to 0 #2696
  • 5db09a8 Create roles for custom resource in function and builder namespace #2695
  • 0edf264 internal: Making poolcache typed and merged into fscache #2693
  • 784bd82 fix: panic for the builder/client #2780
  • cd742a6 fix: error port for the pprof server #2766
  • 32530ac fix: add flush to support chunked for the metric middleware #2772
  • 117c383 style: typo for the BuilderNamespace #2776
  • 672db8b fix: passthrough the build error log #2795


Last modified October 30, 2023: V1.20.0 rc1 release notes (#236) (ca421ae)