Custom metric support for HPA and autoscaling

You can scale your function based on newdeploy or container executor via custom metrics.

Authentication support for Function Invocation

Commit Label on resources created/updated

  • Apply commit label on resources created/updated when --commitlabel is passed #2279 (praddy26)

Fission Spec CLI support

  • Added --ignorenotfound flag for all resources’ deletion which returns a zero exit status even if the resource is not found. Default value is false. #2293 (blackfly19)
  • Added --allowconflicts flag which forces spec apply even if conflicting resources exist with different deployment ID. Default value is false. #2338 (blackfly19)

Pre-installation and post installation check in Fission CLI

Environment Variables via CLI for builder and function pods

  • feature: Added commandline flags to set env var on the runtime and builder containers #2369 (praddy26)
  • feat: 🎸 add runtime-env flags to the env update cmd #2420 (AetheWu)




  • With addition of OpenTelemetry, we would be soon removing OpenTracing instrumentation.
  • HTTPTrigger/Route creation from Fission CLI is deprecated. Use fission route create instead. PR #2171
  • We have deprecated Spec.Method in HTTPTrigger since 1.13.0, please use Spec.Methods instead.