Authentication support for Function Invocation

Commit Label on resources created/updated

  • Apply commit label on resources created/updated when --commitlabel is passed #2279 (praddy26)

Fission Spec CLI support

  • Added --ignorenotfound flag for all resources’ deletion which returns a zero exit status even if the resource is not found. Default value is false. #2293 (blackfly19)
  • Added --allowconflicts flag which forces spec apply even if conflicting resources exist with different deployment ID. Default value is false. #2338 (blackfly19)

Pre-installation and post installation check in Fission CLI



  • With addition of OpenTelemetry, we would be soon removing OpenTracing instrumentation.
  • HTTPTrigger/Route creation from Fission CLI is deprecated. Use fission route create instead. PR #2171
  • We have deprecated Spec.Method in HTTPTrigger since 1.13.0, please use Spec.Methods instead.