Go 1.14 support

Go 1.14 environment images are now online, thanks a lot for adding this Jared

  • runtime: fission/go-env-1.14
  • builder: fission/go-builder-1.14

Function Level timeout

Now you can configure timeout at function level for long running functions, appreciate this feature Ta-Ching

External Nats streaming

You can now configure a external Nats server instead of using the one shipped with Fission, thank you so much Shaun

PodSecurityPolicy for Logger

A new PodSecurityPolicy can be now added and configured for logger pods. Some installations in environments such as OpenShift will find this useful. Thanks a lot for this feature LittleFox94

Bug fixes

  • Show short flag on CLI usage
  • Python Env Build issue due to gevent
  • Return Kubernetes full error message