Bug fixes

  • Fix go-server failed to load plugin
  • Fix executor wrongly deletes rolebindings
  • Fix poolmanager wrongly deletes deployment of environment when executor starts
  • Fix terminationGracePeriod is always set to the default value (360s)
  • Fix Java function not supporting XML post request


Go 1.13 support

Go 1.13 environment images are now online.

  • runtime: fission/go-env-1.13
  • builder: fission/go-builder-1.13

Dry option to view the generated spec

Now you can view the generated spec without actually saving it by add --dry.

$ fission env create --name go \
    --image fission/go-env-1.13:1.8.0 --builder fission/go-builder-1.13:1.8.0 --dry

Resource setting for fetcher

Now you are able to configure fetcher resource setting before helm installation.

Fetcher is for downloading or uploading archive.
Low resource limits will increase the function specialization time and make specialization timeout.
Normally, you don’t need to change the default value, unless necessary.
  image: fission/fetcher
  imageTag: 1.8.0
      requests: "10m"
      limits: ""
      requests: "16Mi"
      limits: ""