Quick Highlight

New experimental environment: Tensorflow Serving!

Tensorflow as a widely adopted machine-learning framework and people use it to train their model. Previously, people have to write a RESTful API server in order to serve requests with trained models. Tensorflow Serving, in the other hand, is an official tool that features a flexible, high-performance serving system for machine learning models, designed for production environments. As long as you put trained model at the right directory, the server will load models automatically. However, you still need to take care how to deploy it to production and setup proper replicas of Tensorflow Serving pods.

Fission now makes these things easier. All you have to do is to create a function with archive of model and a route. Then, Fission will help you to deploy model and scales pods when needed.

For details, see here and PR#1212.

Configurable Keep-Alive setting

Previously, due to a known issue Fission disabled Keep-Alive at code-level. Now, you can enable Keep-Alive by setting ROUTER_ROUND_TRIP_DISABLE_KEEP_ALIVE to false at router deployment.

Couple things worth noticing:

  1. This setting increases time for router(s) to switch to newer version for functions that use newdeploy as executor type. You can prevent this by setting short grace period (--graceperiod) when creating environment.
  2. There is an increase in memory consumption of router to keep all active connections.

For details, see PR#1225

Log level through environment variable

All core components now prints Info-Level and above logs by default. For troubleshooting, you can set env DEBUG_ENV to true.

For details, see PR#1217

Function updates if config/secret changes

Now, a function will get updated when the referenced configmaps/secrets get updated instead of caching stale data.

For details, see here and PR#1224.

Go module support for go environment

Now, go environment supports go moudle as dependencies management solution.

For details, see here and PR#1152.

go module support require fission/go-env-1.12 version and later.
Last modified April 21, 2022: Updated Links for examples (#173) (9de3552)