Container functions support(alpha)

We have introduced a way to run container images directly as Fission functions. You can create container function via CLI as well as via Fission spec. We support both simple routes as well as prefix based routes(added in 1.13 release) for container functions. Please refer sample examples here.

Labels and annotations support for functions and environments

Fission CLI now supports adding labels and annotations to functions and environments. You can use --labels and --annotation flags with respective create/update commands.

fission env create --name nodejs --image fission/node-env \
    --labels="team=blueberries,department=engg" \
    --annotation "abc.com/foo=bar" --annotation "secret-inject: my-secret"
fission fn create --name hello2 --env nodejs --code hello.js\

Propagation of Labels/Annotations to Function pods

Pods created for the environment would inherit labels/annotations assigned to the environment. This would allow different use cases such as injecting secrets or special sidecar injection based on labels/annotations assigned to the function pods. This is applicable for executor type poolmgr and newdeploy.

In case of container functions, labels/annotation assigned to Function would be inherited for pods to be created.


  • Change Ingress version from v1beta1 to v1 for K8s 1.22+ compatibility | PR
  • Handle 63 character limit while creating service for newdeploy functions | PR | Issue
  • Keda connectors updated PR
  • Go profiling support for Fission devs PR
  • Memory footprint improvement across Fission components with shared informers
  • Fixed race condition in fetcher readiness PR
  • Reduce logs related pod metrics from metric server PR
  • Timer showschedule command showing invalid invocations Issue | PR


  • We have changed installation steps since 1.13.0, please refer latest installation steps. You need to install/replace Custom Resource Definitions(CRDs) before installing Helm chart.
  • Environments releases are decoupled from Fission release. Environments would be updated separately from Fission releases.


  • We have deprecated Spec.Method in HTTPTrigger since 1.13.0, please use Spec.Methods instead.