Support for prefix-based routes for functions

We can forward all request matching a particular prefix to the function which supports routing internally. This enables different functions which can handle multiple requests with prefix route. Here’s an example you can refer Nextjs example

Support for multiple HTTP verbs for a function

Fission support only one HTTP verb per request route. Now we enable multiple HTTP verbs per route. The same function now can serve GET, POST or different types of requests. Here’s an example you can refer Nextjs example

Added ImagePullPolicy and PodSpec for KEDA connector deployments

ImagePullPolicy and PodSpec are parameters which can be used to control the Kubernetes deployment of pods which used by KEDA connector. For example, with PodSpec, taints and toleration would be possible, similar to this can be done. You can learn more about Pod Spec here. If you want to try PodSpec in MQT, you can check out this example.

RequestsPerPod and OnceOnly fields are added for pool manager

RequestsPerPod will denote how many requests will be routed to each pod in Pool Manager. OnceOnly is similar to a Kubernetes Job, it is useful in long-running tasks where only one request is served by one pod. You can read more about it here

Websocket support for reaping

With recent changes in the NodeJS environment for websocket, conventional timeout based reaping wasn’t applicable so an event-based reaping mechanism to support Websocket was introduced. You can try out the example here

Performance improvements in Router with SharedInformer

We have added SharedInformer’s for querying different Kubernetes objects in the router. Few of the Kubernetes objects were getting queried on function request, adding SharedInformer helps in improving performance.


  • Thanks to life1347, fixed issue where wrong checksum was getting assigned to the package. | Fix
  • Updated base image for all Fission images to Alpine 3.13 | Fix
  • Thanks to LittleFox94, we have fixed sorting order for logs | Fix
  • We have added a warning if user haven’t mentioned pool size. | Fix
  • Updated Go version 1.15 across Fission code base and client-go to 0.19.2 | PR
  • Change RBAC reference from v1beta1 to v1 | PR
  • Enabled GCP Pub-sub Keda Connector | PR
  • When you have an environment which uses pool manager as well as new deploy, you may face issue with different names for runtime pod as reported in this issue | PR


  • We have changed installation steps, please refer latest installation steps. You need to install Custom Resource Definitions(CRDs) before installing Helm chart.
  • Environments releases are decoupled from Fission release. Environments would be updated separately from Fission releases.


  • We have deprecated Spec.Method in HTTPTrigger, please use Spec.Methods instead.
Last modified April 21, 2022: Updated Links for examples (#173) (9de3552)