S3 as a backend for Storage Service

The storage service had option of persistent volume only to store code but this release adds support for S3 compatible storage as a backend for storage service. Thanks a lot for this change Alok

Disabling env variable based discovery in Functions

Many multi tenant systems want to minimize the information exposed to functions. With Kubernetes’s traditional DNS - addresses of other pods are exposed as env variables. This change makes it configurable based on your needs, thanks a lot to darkworon.

Kube Context flag in Fission CLI

Now you can switch the Kube context from Fission CLI, thanks a lot Rahul


  • An upstream change in pip for Python3 needed change in Python env, thanks Pooja for this fix.

  • When you create a package for first time for a given environment, and if the builder pod is not ready by then the package build would fail. This fix adds a exponential backoff and waits till 5 minutes before eventually failing. Thanks for this one Rahul

Last modified September 30, 2021: Spell fixes (#49) (d459a11)